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Surftech has produced the strongest lightweight epoxy surfboards, blending ultra high performance with maximum durability. TUFLITE technology is revolutionizing the surfboard industry, and is being utilized by the best shapers in the world.

Surftech has joined in the quest started by Tom Blake and Bob Simmons to use the most advanced composite materials in the pursuit of the ultimate surfboard. The spectrum of shapers committed to Surftech in this technological revolution ranges from pioneers like Dale Velzy, Hobie Alter and Reynolds Yater, to the current masters of high performance shortboards like Al Merrick, John Carper and Phil Byrne.

  • 5'10" FISH XANADU - This board has a flatter entry rocker with a rounder outline, "wider nose, wider tail" to make up for the shorter length of the board. This board should be ridden 8" shorter than a performance shortboard. It also has a flatter deck which makes the rails fuller for more buoyancy and for a better performance in smaller, flatter waves. The bottom uses a flat vee to double concave for quick projection down the line.

    FINS: Future 
    TECHNOLOGY: Tuflite


    Length      Nose       Mid       Tail        Thickness   
    5'10" 17" 21.75" 17" 2.5"
    6'0" 17 1/4” 22” 17 1/4” 2 1/2”
    From $1,149.00 inc GST
  • $1,199.00 inc GST
  • Length: 6'2"
    Width: 20.38"
    Thickness: 2.44"
    Volume: N/A

    *colour may vary*

    $1,249.00 inc GST
  • The key word for this model is versatility. Its rounded pintail and trifin set up is perfect for any turn you throw. This board excels in waves that range from ankle high to well overhead.

    Length: 9'2"
    Width: 22 1/4"
    Thick: 2.94"
    Volume: 69L

    $1,699.00 inc GST
  • 9'1" DAVE BYRNE - The BYRNE 9'1" was developed to offer longboard surfers as much performance as possible in a low volume longboard - Incorporating short board curves and design through out the tail section to allow for easy snappy turns combined with a long fairly flat entry through the nose for nose riding.

    Board Nose Width 18.25"
    Board Width 22"
    Board Tail Width 13.75"
    Board Thick 2.75"
    Board Volume 63 ccm
    Board Fin System FCS
    Board Shaper Phil Byrne

    **Colours May Vary**

    $1,899.00 inc GST
  • 9'2" H'OO KANO - A tuned up version of the 9” HP for Lance Ho’okano’s powerful style. With Thin, down rails with hard edges in the tail for performance turning the board has Increased rocker in nose and tail and a slightly wider nose for noseride performance.

    LENGTH: 9'2" 279.40 cm
    NOSE: 17.5" 44.45 cm
    MID: 22.625" 57.47 cm
    TAIL: 14" 35.56 cm
    THICK: 2.88" 7.32 cm
    VOLUME: 66L
    FINS: Future
    TECHNOLOGY: Tuflite

    $1,899.00 inc GST
  • The Formula One model has it all. Great maneuverability, noseriding and wave entry. It's for the surfer that wants to do everything on a wave.

    LENGTH: 9' 274.32 cm
    NOSE: 19.5" 49.53 cm
    MID: 22.5" 57.15 cm
    TAIL: 13.63" 34.62 cm
    THICK: 2.88" 7.32 cm
    VOLUME: 66cc
    FINS: Center Box / FCS

    $1,899.00 inc GST
  • 9'6" G&S Noserider - Allows smooth, free-flowing maneuvers and endless noserides. Great for the stylist who wants "Old School" roots enhanced by all we've learned over the past forty years about rocker flow and rail design. A great all-around board for small to medium surf.
    Board Nose Width 18 3/8"
    Board Width 23"
    Board Tail Width 15 1/4"
    Board Thick 3"
    Board Volume 78 ccm
    Board Fin System Surf 10"
    Board Shaper L. Gordon

    **Colours May Vary**

    $1,999.00 inc GST
  • 9'6" Jacobs Noserider - Built for stability and noseriding with slight kick in the nose and tail for enhanced paddling and wave catching. If you like stability and to stay on the nose this old school shape is ideal. Good for small to mid conditions.
    Board Nose Width 18 7/8"
    Board Width 22 1/2"
    Board Tail Width 14 3/4"
    Board Thick 2 7/8"
    Board Volume 72 ccm
    Board Fin System Surf 10"
    Board Shaper Hap Jacobs

    **Colours May Vary**

    Only Colour Left White With Red Stripe

    From $1,999.00 inc GST
  • 9'0" TAK HACKMAN BEACH BREAK - The Jeff Hakman Model was produced to withstand any wave size and any maneuver the rider wishes to perform. The difference here can be seen in how Jeff likes to turn. Hard, rail burried ans speedy. The tail instead of being rounded pin, is a squash tail so that the rider can utilize abrupt changes of direction without losing any speed.
    Board Nose Width 17.75"
    Board Width 22.375"
    Board Tail Width 14.25"
    Board Thick 2.63"
    Board Volume 63 ccm
    Board Fin System FCS
    Board Shaper Donald Takayama

    **Colours May Vary**

    $1,999.00 inc GST
  • 9'4" DTNR - The Diamond Tail Nose Rider is the best of both traditional design and con-temporary performance. Single fin with a straight vee bottom, rolled rails and slight concave through nose. No excuses, this rides with a classic log feel, designed for California style surf conditions.

    From $2,099.00 inc GST

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