Known by many as the "Father of the Modern Longboard," Steve Walden shaped his first surfboard in 1961, at age 13, and never looked back.Eight years later, the native Southern Californian opened his first board factory and store in Huntington Beach then moved to the North Shore of Oahu in 1972 where he made a name for himself as a prolific longboard shaper.

While the rest of the surfing world was fixated on short single fins, Walden continued to faithfully hone his longboard designs. Over the years he shaped for prestigious labels like Lightning Bolt, Local Motion, Channel Islands and HIC, but it was always his own boards that set him apart. By the early 80s, Walden returned to California where he unveiled his widely successful. Magic Model with its radical rocker, down-turned rails, and super-fast Turbo Hull bottom contour. With arguably the most advanced and high performance Longboard on the market, Walden was uniquely positioned to capitalize on the resurgence of Longboarding in the late 80s and 90s.

To date, Walden estimates he's personally shaped more than 20,000 boards, and in 2004, he teamed up with Global Surf Industries to distribute his shapes and expand the Walden Surfboards brand worldwide. Today, Steve's focus is purely design. He is constantly designing and testing new shapes to evolve surfboard design.

  • The Magic Model is one of the most sophisticated longboards ever designed. Originally built in 1981, the magic model was years ahead of its time and has become the prototype of the modern longboard.

    The Magic Model has been tested and improved for over twenty years and today its performance is unmatched.

    With an emphasis on performance, the Magic Model features Steve Walden’s patented hull design. A single concave running from the nose through to the midpoint creates lift and stability, which is perfect for controlled nose riding.

    Double concave extends towards the tail to maintain speed and sensitivity, while a moderate amount of vee out through the tail makes for smooth rail-to-rail transitions.

    The Magic Model has a hard edge running around the perimeter of the board to provide bite on the face, while the smooth, full-length rocker profile and beveled rail maintains the boards forgiveness and maneuverability.

    The Walden Magic Model in X2 construction can be surfed by just about anyone, from the novice rider through to the savvy competitor looking for extended nose time. This is a durable longboard that does everything well in waves ranging from 1 to 10 feet.


    From $1,499.00 inc GST

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