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All round stand up paddle boards are great for flat water paddling or cruising on some surf. Awesome sup boards for the whole family. Take the little ones out on the front while you paddle around the lake or bay. Enjoyment for all!!

  • The Surftech Generator could be considered the smaller brother of the Balboa, a little narrower, a little less volume the generator is about performance. Whether wave riding or lake cruising this board generates fun! The Generator is as adept at riding waves on the coast as it is at exploring lakes and rivers with your friends and family. The wide center and full rails provide great stability for entry level paddlers just getting started or those looking to pack a dry bag for a day trip down the river. The narrower rounded pin-tail design and moderate tail rocker provides effortless maneuverability when riding waves.


    9'6" 30.8" 4.5" 142.3
    10'6" 31.6" 4.4" 167
    11'6" 31.5" 4.6" 188.6
    From $1,635.00 inc GST
  • Your RHINO PACKAGE includes a 10’6″ SUP board, a fin, and an adjustable fiberglass shaft paddle with a thermo molded plastic blade and leash

    -Beginner: up to 115kg/250 lbs
    -10’6″ X 32″ X 5″
    -Volume: 230 Liters
    -Adjustable Fiberglass Shaft Paddle
    -10″ Fin

    $1,495.00 inc GST
  • Great all round board that can be used in either small surf or for flat water fun. Thruster fin set up.

    The Cruiser epoxy boards feature a full deck bamboo inlay which adds strength and gives a natural timber finish.


    Length          Width        Thickness         Volume        
    9'6" 32" 4 1/2" 170L
    10'0" 32" 4 1/2" 173L
    10'4" 32" 4 1/2" 180L
    10'6" 32" 4 1/2"  


    From $1,495.00 inc GST
  • Great all round board that can be used in either small surf or for flat water fun. Thruster fin set up.

    The Cruiser epoxy boards feature a full deck bamboo inlay which adds strength and gives a natural timber finish.


    Length          Width        Thickness         Volume        
    9'6" 32" 4 1/2" 170L
    10'0" 32" 4 1/2" 173L
    10'4" 32" 4 1/2" 180L
    10'6" 32" 4 1/2"  


    From $1,495.00 inc GST
  • The SQUEEZE Soft top range of boards features an EPS core laminated in epoxy with a super strong sandwich construction.

    A full EVA deck pad and high density EVA rails.

    The bottom is full gloss white epoxy.

    The shape is a cross over board with performance surf outline, bottom curve and generous volume while still being very stable for flat water paddling.

    Comfortable carry handle
    Leg rope attachment
    Thruster fin setup
    Full EVA deck pad


    Length     Width     Thickness   Volume   
    10'2" 32" 4 1/2" 170L
    10'6" 32 1/2" 4 1/2" 182L
    From $1,495.00 inc GST
  • The versatile Surftech Generator is the next step in the evolution of recreational boards, featuring a progressive outline with a round pintail and foiled rails. The surf-inspired shape and rocker make it easy to catch smaller waves, but it still has enough volume and stability to cruise flatwater with ease. This is the perfect board for those looking to pack a dry bag for a day trip down the river or up the coast. The Generator Coretech features a full deck pad, ledge handle, tie down points and a shock cord, making it the ultimate weekend accessory.


    Length              width                thickness              volume (L)  
    10'6" 32 4.4 167
    9'6" 30.8 4.4



    What is Coretech?

    A water-resistant fused-cell foam is the core of every Coretech board. They are then therma-molded using high-quality fiberglass and epoxy, and include fiberglass rails with a natural wood standing area reinforcement. Features a full deck pad and tie downs for versatility.

    From $1,535.00 inc GST
  • Features a wide point for ward for stability and efficient paddling. Concave hull and pulled in tail for speed, maneuverability and control from flat water through to overhead surf conditions.



    11'0" 31 4 1/4 190
    11'6" 33 4 3/4 224
    10'2" 32 4 7/8 205



    When you want a no-nonsense board that won’t break the bank and that is stronger than many other constructions, look no further than the NSP Elements range. EPS Securecell at the core with a durable yet supremely lightweight vacuum molded Epoxy Fibre sandwich shell, the Elements range is exactly what the SUP enthusiast needs to make the most out of every session. With a unique matt finish and polished rails, the striking solid colours of the Elements range will ignite your SUPing passion!. 

    Cutaway Image: 
    $1,535.00 inc GST
  • The Adventure Paddleboarding Sixty-Forty is a true hybrid Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) that will transfer from the surf to flat water without missing a beat. This dual-purpose SUP is very versatile and a great option for the cross-training enthusiast who likes to do it all on the water.

    OUTLINE: Full bodied, with plenty of curve along the rail to maximize turning performance, and allow the board to pivot smoothly off the tail. The generous width though the mid zone maintains exceptional stability during flat water excursions.

    ROCKER: The rocker is designed primarily for the surf with a little extra lift in the nose and tail to fit with curve of the wave and also make turning easy. A flat section through the middle maintains flow and forward acceleration in flat water.

    CONTOURS: The subtle displacement hull reduces slapping and helps cut though the water, single concave through the middle maintains down-the-line speed, and double concave vee out the tail enhances rail-to-rail sensitivity.

    FOIL: While most of the volume resides through the mid section, the nose and tail have been foiled to enhance turning sensitivity. Soft, high volume rails provide exceptional stability and are very forgiving when pivoting off the tail.

    FIN: Versatile 2 + 1 set up lets you customize the feel in different conditions, and allows for more controlled maneuvers in the surf.

    CONSTRUCTION: X-1 uses epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and a lightweight EPS core. This versatile construction is lightweight, durable and has long-lasting flex properties.

    FEATURES: Comfortable cavity handle for easy transportation, soft deck traction with tail kick, additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone, plus a bonus nose plug for mounting a GoPro.

    APPROX BOARD WEIGHT: 10’0 – 12.9kgs/28.4lbs.


    NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.

    10'0'' 33'' 4 3/4'' 190 ltr FCS M 3/8" 90kg / 198lb or less

    Technical Info:

    Technology X1 Epoxy

    X-1 Epoxy is a simple and effective construction using epoxy resin, woven fiberglass and a lightweight EPS core. The EPS core is cut directly from the shapers files, and once custom shaped, is glassed in the traditional hand layup method with multiple layers of woven fiberglass imported form the USA.

    This versatile construction is lightweight, affordable, and is particularly suited to manufacturing SUP's. X-1 Epoxy boards are most popular for their subtle flex and memory recall properties, which translates into a board that feels light and responsive, and offers reliable performance regardless of the conditions.

    Board Concave
    Double SIngle Double
    60-40 - A smooth rail with no edge, this design is popular for nose-riders.
    Wave Height
    0-4ft Waves
    Surfer Skill Level
    Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate
    $1,575.00 inc GST
  • This line of SUP with a round tail and round nose is very stable and easy to ride. Stability and comfort are its main features. Ideal for learning how to Stand Up Paddle.  

    Level: Beginner (up to 100kg)


    10’ x 33 x 5” - volume 180 l

    $1,845.00 inc GST
  • The Tom Carroll Paddle Surf (TCPS) Outer Reef Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) draws from the advanced hydrodynamic design features of the original Loose Leaf and Long Grain models applied to a more accessible and affordable range equally suited to flat-water and the surf.

    OVERVIEW: Built in a very strong and versatile construction, the Outer Reef SUP offers additional volume all round, and sizes to cover the discerning recreational SUP paddler in the beginner-to-intermediate class.

    DESIGN: Born from a focus on speed and paddle power to ride the outer reefs of Oahu's North Shore with ease. The complex, but highly effective bottom contours that feature across TCPS SUP's have been softened on the Outer Reef to provide efficient water flow over a large surface area, and offer high volume stability without sacrificing flow or paddle efficiency.

    CONTOURS: The deep double concave displacement hull allows free flowing water movement through the underside of the nose while also reducing slapping. Subtle concave through the centre leads into a pronounced spiral vee out the tail which provides ample turning capabilities and prevents rail-to-rail sticking, especially in uneven, choppy conditions and when driving through unpredictable wave zones. A slight bevel on the underside of the rail enhances trim sensitivity on the wave face.

    ROCKER: A more relaxed rocker on the Outer Reef offers exceptional flow on flat-water and entry speed onto waves, while still encouraging smooth turning arcs from the sweet spot position. The rocker has also been designed to allow freedom of movement from the back turning zone right up to the nose.

    FINS: 2 + 1 set up comes with FCS II GL side bites which add maneuverability and control when riding waves, and a custom 9" TCPS single fin that's big enough to offer an efficient flat-water stroke rate, while still allowing for easy turning. Tom prefers to set the centre fin forward in the box to keep the tail free and loose.

    PERFORMANCE: Available in 4 sizes, the TCPS Outer Reef utilizes technical design elements to increase flat-water paddling speed and enhance wave riding response. Fast, stable, yet sensitive to the rider, the Outer Reef SUP is considered a user-friendly model that offers a positive and connected feel to the ocean, be it on the open water or sliding down the face of a wave.


    NOTE: rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
    10'0'' 32'' 4 1/2'' 152 ltr 11.5 kg 9" Center w/ FCSII Performer Med sides 70kg / 154lb or less
    10'6'' 32'' 4 1/2'' 165 ltr 12.53 kg 9" Center w/ FCSII Performer Med sides 85kg / 187lb or less
    11'0'' 32 1/2'' 4 3/4'' 185 ltr 13.77 kg 9" Center w/ FCSII Performer Med sides 90kg / 198lb or less
    11'6'' 33'' 4 3/4'' 196 ltr 14.2 kg 9" Center w/ FCSII Performer Med sides 95kg / 209lb or less
    From $1,895.00 inc GST
  • Surftech French Universal Bamboozle 10'6"

    An elegant option within the popular Universal family, the stable 10'6" Bamboozle provides the same reliable ease of paddling and flotation in an attractive natural finish.

    Nose Width 21.4"
    Mid Width 31.5"
    Tail Width 19"
    Thickness 5"
    Volume (L) 206
    Weight (lbs) 28.5
    Fin System Center box/FCS
    Fin Setup 2+1

    WAS: $2,049.00 inc GST
    $1,699.00 inc GST
  • The Surftech Generator is the ultimate shape for versatility, maneuvering easily in small to medium surf, while also providing good stability and glide in flat water. The TEKefx brings the organic texture of bamboo with a translucent array of vibrant colors and fresh designs, creating a unique look that is both functional and beautiful. This is the perfect board for the paddler wanting quality and great looking gear for a day trip down the river, on the lake, or to the beach.


    10'6" 32 4.4 167

    TEKefx boards feature our proprietary fused-cell core, compression molded using high quality bamboo veneer and fiberglass. The TEKefx graphics are laminated in the board creating a vibrant, scratch resistant, long lasting graphic.

    $2,085.00 inc GST

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