Standard Box


Standard boxes have been used in boards for ever, now mostly used in just longboards. We have fins for all types of longboarding. From nose riding to just cruising along the wave. 

  • $12.00 inc GST
  • Longboard Box Adapter

    Adapter allows you to change from a traditional longboard fin to a FCS thruster set up in seconds, perfect for loosening up your longboard. The adapter is adjustable for deeper longboard boxes.

    $59.00 inc GST
  • Fcs Dolphin 6" Soft Flex Standard Box Fin

    Highly flexible longboard fin designed to increase safety while maintaining performance.

    $65.00 inc GST

    Neutral, well balanced template.
    Versatile, high performance Longboard (LB) fin for all conditions.  
    Offers a combination of drive, speed and response for modern longboarding.
    TURN & CONNECT (Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board). 
    2 + 1 Compatible.
    Suits most LB’s with hard edges.

    Designed to be used in existing FCS Longboard boxes. No new box required.
    From $69.00 inc GST
  • The Dolphin longboard fin by FCS is a good all-around fin that works well as a tri-fin or single depending on the size and type of board. The base gives you hold and drive throughout turns while the tip's smaller area and flex allows easy entry and exit while turning.

    $119.00 inc GST
  • A balance of speed, flow & response. Excels in all conditions.


    • Reliable all-round fin for a diverse range of surfers, conditions and board types.
    • Designed for surfers wanting a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns.
    • Also used in surf SUP's and hybrid 2+1 set-ups.

    FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins

    •  The fin can be inserted, removed or adjusted in seconds.
    •  No screw and plate required.
    •  Fits a variety of existing single fin boxes.


    Ideal for performance longboards, surf SUP's a?nd 2+1 set-ups.




    MEDIUM (65Kg - 80 Kg / 145 - 175 Lbs) 
    LARGE (75Kg - 90 Kg / 165 - 200 Lbs)
    X-LARGE (Over 85 Kg / 190 Lbs)


    Base: 4.37" / 111mm 
    Depth: 4.55" / 115mm 
    Area: 14.81"² / 9554mm² 
    Sweep: 33.7º 
    Foil: Inside



    Base: 4.48" / 114mm
    Depth: 4.67" / 118mm
    Area: 15.58"² / 10054mm²
    Sweep: 33.7º
    Foil: Inside



    Base: 4.59" / 117mm
    Depth: 4.78" / 121mm
    Area: 16.36"² / 10554mm²
    Sweep: 33.7º
    Foil: Inside

    From $125.00 inc GST
  • Features:

    • Colour: Grey
    • Made from: Performance Glass
    • Exclusive Harley Ingleby design
    • Idea for performance longboards, surf SUP's and 2+ 1 set ups
    • FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins
    • No screw and plate required
    • Adds more tail release to longer boards
    $139.00 inc GST
  • FCS Kai Sallas 6.5'' Std Box fin

    Designed by Hawaiian Kai Sallas, this high performance longboard fin strikes a balance between speed, manoeuvrability, drive and response. Can be adapted to SUP's and modern single fin boards.

    $139.00 inc GST
  • $145.00 inc GST
  • Kia Sallas' single fin for performance longboards & SUPs.  Nice balance between drive, hold ans response.  Extra area in the tip and base add drive and control through turns.

    The FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fins incorporate the same click in system as standard FCS II Fins, they can be secured into a fin box without the need for a screw and plate. Just seconds to insert and remove these fins, no need fiddle round with screwdrivers.

    One of the biggest advantages of these fins is that you can now make adjustments to your fin placement out in the water mid session.  These are quick & simple to use plus they work in all standard fin boxes on the market.

    From $149.00 inc GST

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