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Bob McTavish is a legend. His surfboard designs are well known around the world.
This range of surfboards features a number of models all designed to help you get the most out of every wave.

McTavish Surfboards, just mention the name and surfers worldwide light up with recognition of the McTavish aura; not just the highest quality surfboards, but guaranteed performance, innovative design, a history of the finest credentials, and most of all FUN!

For over 45 years the FUN factor has been the driving force behind the McTavish innovation. They don't wait for others to make a development, then copy. They conceive a better way to rip a wave, then set out to perfect it. Prototypes, test riders, and plenty of waves. When they have it mastered, they put it into production, to pass on the FUN to the rider!

From the McTavish base in Byron Bay Australia, they have constantly chased the best waves daily, to test, refine and develop better surfboards. They obviously LOVE their job! And the end products mean you'll love your McTavish surfboard for the FUN it delivers, for year after year.