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Looking for a bargain on a Stand Up Paddle Board? This is where you will find all our Stand Up Paddle Boards that are on sale. End of line Stand Up Paddle Boards, one off, damaged boards and Stand Up Paddle Boards past their used by date a bargain hunters dream page.  We constantly update this section so get in fast and save yourself some money!!!! Once they are gone they gone!

  • The versatile Surftech Generator is the next step in the evolution of recreational boards, featuring a progressive outline with a round pintail and foiled rails. The surf-inspired shape and rocker make it easy to catch smaller waves, but it still has enough volume and stability to cruise flatwater with ease. This is the perfect board for those looking to pack a dry bag for a day trip down the river or up the coast. The Generator Coretech features a full deck pad, ledge handle, tie down points and a shock cord, making it the ultimate weekend accessory.


    Length              width                thickness              volume (L)  
    10'6" 32 4.4 167
    9'6" 30.8 4.4



    What is Coretech?

    A water-resistant fused-cell foam is the core of every Coretech board. They are then therma-molded using high-quality fiberglass and epoxy, and include fiberglass rails with a natural wood standing area reinforcement. Features a full deck pad and tie downs for versatility.

    WAS: $1,535.00 inc GST
    From $949.00 inc GST
  • This line of SUP with a round tail and round nose is very stable and easy to ride. Stability and comfort are its main features. Ideal for learning how to Stand Up Paddle.  

    Level: Beginner (up to 100kg)


    10’ x 33 x 5” - volume 180 l

    WAS: $1,845.00 inc GST
    $999.00 inc GST
  • Surftech French Universal Bamboozle 10'6"

    An elegant option within the popular Universal family, the stable 10'6" Bamboozle provides the same reliable ease of paddling and flotation in an attractive natural finish.

    Nose Width 21.4"
    Mid Width 31.5"
    Tail Width 19"
    Thickness 5"
    Volume (L) 206
    Weight (lbs) 28.5
    Fin System Center box/FCS
    Fin Setup 2+1

    WAS: $2,049.00 inc GST
    $999.00 inc GST
  • The Surftech Generator is the ultimate shape for versatility, maneuvering easily in small to medium surf, while also providing good stability and glide in flat water. The TEKefx brings the organic texture of bamboo with a translucent array of vibrant colors and fresh designs, creating a unique look that is both functional and beautiful. This is the perfect board for the paddler wanting quality and great looking gear for a day trip down the river, on the lake, or to the beach.


    LENGTH        WIDTH      THICKNESS      VOLUME (L)
    10'6" 32 4.4 167

    TEKefx boards feature our proprietary fused-cell core, compression molded using high quality bamboo veneer and fiberglass. The TEKefx graphics are laminated in the board creating a vibrant, scratch resistant, long lasting graphic.

    WAS: $2,085.00 inc GST
    $1,499.00 inc GST
  • The Surftech Generator could be considered the smaller brother of the Universal, a little narrower, a little less volume the generator is about performance. Whether wave riding or lake cruising this board generates fun! The Generator is as adept at riding waves on the coast as it is at exploring lakes and rivers with your friends and family. The wide center and full rails provide great stability for entry level paddlers just getting started or those looking to pack a dry bag for a day trip down the river. The narrower rounded pin-tail design and moderate tail rocker provides effortless maneuverability when riding waves.

    The Generator's Bamboo clear deck lamination reveals beautiful and strong natural bamboo. Complement your natural surroundings with real Bamboo veneer deck and bottom. Also great for display


    10'6" 32 4.25 167.2
    11'6" 31.5 4.6 188.6
    WAS: $2,149.00 inc GST
    From $1,299.00 inc GST
  • The Laird-Pearson shape represents the state of the art for all around high performance surfing and is our most popular board worldwide. The unique template with low entry nose and rounded pin-tail paddles smoothly, accelerates beautifully, nose rides like a dream and is incredibly maneuverable.


    Length     Width     Thickness    Volume    
    10'6" 32" 4 1/8" 150L
    11'0" 30 1/2" 4 1/4" 150L
    11'6" 31" 4 1/4" 160L
    WAS: $2,299.00 inc GST
    From $999.00 inc GST

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