The Board Shop has been at the cutting edge of surfboard technology since 1996. Check out our wide selection of Fish Surfboards, Shortboards, Mini-Mals/Funboards, Longboards and surfing accessories including fins, leashes, deck grip, board bags and more!

We specialize and offer Auckland's biggest range of production surf boards in epoxy construction. All of the boards we offer have been through rigorous testing and development to make sure that the boards we offer, not only work but are the best products money can buy.

With over 600 different designs available to us, from the latest beginner soft boards by Mick Fanning to high tech Surftech Tuflite boards, we have the board that matches your requirements.


    “The Black dot is a super versatile small wave performance board. It is fast, easy to surf, paddles well and can be ridden with a performance approach in a huge range of conditions.

    It has a single through to double concave with a whisker of vee of the rear fin, making it fast off the mark and loose in the pocket and can be pushed hard off the corners of the swallowtail through turns. The relaxed entry rocker aids in paddling and drive with the more generous tail rocker allowing fast, sharp turns and carves.

    The outline and foam distribution is balanced and gives the appearance of a performance swallow tail shortboard that has been compressed,  widened and flattened slightly. Ride one at your normal volume, or a tiny bit over and feel the benefits to your surfing this little gem provides.”


    5’419 1/42 1/425.72
    5’619 1/22 5/1627.64
    5’719 5/82 3/828.97
    5’819 3/42 7/1630.33
    5’10202 9/1633.18
    6’020 1/42 5/835.45
    6’220 1/22 3/438.56
    6’420 3/42 7/841.84