Short Board

Short Board

What better way to protect your surfboard than with a board bag? Designed to keep the sun off your board and help prevent scratches and stone chips while you travel. We have a range of the best surfboard bags from leading brands like Creatures, FCS and Ocean & Earth.

  • Creatures Icon Shortboard Sox - Black

    The Creatures Deluxe Stretch Sock offers everyday protection for your Surfboard from Dings, Dirt and Sun.

    • Heavyweight Super Soft Stretch Knit
    • Padded Nose Panel Protection
    • Barrel Lock Drawstring Closure

  • Creatures Icon Lite Shortboard Cover

    Creatures ICON Lite Boardcovers are designed for economic day-to-day use. The single board capacity covers are perfect for in-home storage or in-car transport to and from the beach.


    • FOAM Protection - 3mm closed cell

    • Durable matte black tarpee

    • Reinforced 420D Fabric tail panel

    • Shoulder strap

    • Marine-Grade corrosion resistant zip

    • Industry-leading 2-year warranty



    The FCS Day Fun Board Cover is Ultralight and tough; this is the ideal cover for day-to-day use as you transit to and from the beach.

     FCS Cover Specs


    • Wider Fit: designed for fish and funboard shapes.

    • Lightweight: lightweight material to minimise boardbag weight. 30% lighter than previous model.

    • 5mm High Density Padding: perfect protection for day-to-day use.

    • Contoured Stretch Fit: uses a unique ‘armadillo’ strip that not only provides ventilation, but keeps the bag snug and secure around your board.

    • 3D Rail Protection: eliminates seams and provides a continuous layer of high density foam that contours to the shape of the rail.

    • Expandable Fin Wing: allows for you to carry your board with or without fins. 

    • Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: double layered and vented to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.

    • Noncorrosive Zippers: built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing.
    Cover SizeMax Board Length*Max Board Width*Cover Weight 
    5'0"5'1"21 2/4" / 546mm1.65kg
    5'6"5'7"21 2/4" / 546mm1.8kg
    5'9"5'10"21 2/4" / 546mm 1.9kg
    6'0"6'1"22 2/5" / 569mm1.1kg
    6'3"6'4"22 2/5" / 569mm1.2kg
    6'7"6'8"23 1/9" / 587mm 1.3kg
    7'0"7'1"23 1/9" / 587mm 1.3kg
    7'6"7'7"23 1/2" / 596mm 1.5kg
    8'0"8'1"24 1/2" / 623mm 1.6kg


    * Based on average board thickness to width ratio.

      Max number of boards: One.

  • Fits: 1-2 boards
    Weight: 3.4 to 4.0kgs
    Width: 20"
    Depth: 90mm /3.5"

    XP extra protection 25mm padded nose panels
    Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose, rails and tail.

    Internal compression straps
    Minimises board movement whilst in transit. Boards arrive at the destination the same way you packed them.

    20mm shock absorbing rail protection
    Top layer: 10mm rubber bumber
    2nd layer: armour weave polyester
    3rd layer: 10mm shock-absorbing foam
    4th (inside) layer: tarpee lining

    Expandable tail gusset
    Accommodates boards with both fixed or removable fins. Unzip gusset to allow for fins.

    Hanging hook
    Patented, removable hanging hook

    Heavy duty zippers
    Large, lockable zipper heads. Extra security for your boards.

    Shoulder strap
    20mm padded detachable strap. Stashes into pocket.

    Moulded rubber side walls
    Double thick ultimate rail protection for your boards.