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What better way to protect your surfboard than with a board bag. Designed to keep the sun off your board and help prevent scratches and stone chips while you travel. We have a range of the best surfboard bags from leading brands like Creatures and Ocean & Earth.

  • Fits:  1 Board
    Fabric: Thick Polyester stretch fabric

    Protective nose piece both sides
    Protects against scratches, sun & wax
    Drawstring closure + toggle
    Assorted colours

  • Curve Longboard Socks provide great longboard day use protection from scratches, bumps, dirt and dings. Longboard Board socks are also great for keeping wax off your stuff and preventing sun damage.

    Sock it to annoying dings with a Curve Surfboard Sock - its amazing how even simple stuff like walking through a doorway just isnt that simple when carrying a surfboard and can often result in a small chip or shatter.

    Sock it to waxy board mess by using a sock to prevent wax transfer onto your gear and car seats by keeping your board covered. 

    And Sock it to UV light - keeping your board covered from the sun maintains your board that nice factory white for longer. Yellow boards are like yellow teeth......they kind of just look better white.

    Socks also come in handy for additional protection when loading multiple surfboards into travel covers, stacking them on top of a vehicle, or when storing surfboards between surfs.


    • thick hard wearing weave
    • 600D reinforced nose protector
    • drawstring barrel lock tail closure

  • Fits:  1 Board
    Weight: 1.8 to 2.0kgs., 
    Width: 26.5", 
    Fabric: UV Reflective Tarpee, 
    Padding: 5mm Waterproof 
    Protective nose piece both sides, 
    Shoulder Strap, 
    Non corrosive nylon zip, 
    Fin Slot, 
    Removable storage hook.

  • Fits:  1 Board
    Weight: 2.4 to 3.0kgs.
    Width: 25.5 to 27.5"

    Fabric: 420 Nylon Dobby + Silver Reflective Honeycomb Nylon + Tarpee, 


    5mm Waterproof.
    AIRCON tail gusset system.
    Fin slot.
    Compact fitted design.
    Protective nose piece both sidesNon corrosive nylon zip.
    Internal wax & fin bag.
    Detachable shoulder strap.
    Shoulder strap pocket.

  • Holds 1 board.


    • 5mm Closed Cell FOAM padding
    • DIAMOND-TECH fabric on top / 600D Polyester on bottom
    • Marine Grade Corrosion resistant - Nylon Zipper
    • X-FLOW Air Ventilation System
    • EVA reinforced padded carry handle with Neoprene lining on the underside for added comfort
    • Ergonomic Mesh Lined shoulder strap with 10mm Foam internal padding
    • 12 Month warranty


    4.0 lbs  /  1.8 kg
    4.1 lbs  /  1.9 kg
    4.2 lbs  /  1.9 kg
    4.2 lbs  /  1.9 kg
    4.3 lbs  /  2.0 kg
    4.4 lbs  /  2.0 kg
    4.4 lbs  /  2.0 kg

  • Overview
    Ultralight and tough; this is the ideal cover for day-to-day use as you transit to and from the beach.

    Longboard Shape: designed to fit longboards.
    Lightweight: lightweight material ​to minimise boardbag weight. 30% lighter than previous model.
    5mm High Density Padding: perfect protection for day-to-day use.
    Contoured Stretch Fit: uses a unique ‘armadillo’ strip that not only provides ventilation, but keeps the bag snug and secure around your board.
    3D Rail Protection: eliminates seams and provides a continuous layer of high density foam that contours to the shape of the rail.
    Expandable Fin Wing: allows for you to carry your board with or without fins.
    Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: double layered and vented to provide the ultimate in comfort and support.
    Noncorrosive Zippers: built for strength, durability and resistance to seizing.

  • The Dakine Recon Board bag fits two boards but can also be used as a single board bag. It is made with 600d polyester to and a heat reflective tarpaulin bottom and 3/8inch foam padding with a 5mm divider.

    -Fits up to two boards
    -Heavy duty corrosion proof wrap around zipper with internal rail protector
    -600d polyester to and a heat reflective tarpaulin bottom
    - 3/8" closed cell foam
    -5mm divider
    -Nose to tail opening and expandable tail on thruster bags for boards with fins in or out
    -Fish hook zip design with fin slot on noseriders (mals)
    -Padded removable shoulder strap with stash pocket
    -Wax/fin pocket


Clearance Products

  • Durable and leakproof, the 0.75-liter Chute Water Bottle provides a high flow of water without sloshing or spilling.


    Angled spout provides an ergonomic drink interface that delivers a high flow of water without sloshing or spilling

    Spout cap snaps into handle to prevent it from getting in the way when drinking

    Comfortable to Carry: Handle designed to comfortable carry a full liter of water

    Tether securely attaches the cap to the bottle for easy filling and refilling

    Half Turn Cap gives you easy access to your water

    The spout cap threads internally so there is no more drinking off those uncomfortable bottle threads

    Dishwasher Safe: All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe

    Durable and leak-proof

    100% Free of BPA and BPS

    Wide-mouth opening is easy to fill with ice and water and a breeze to clean