Tell the time while your shredding waves. We have watches that know the tides so you can time your surfs perfectly. We have watches that can track your top speed on a wave and the number of waves you catch. Pretty easy to sneak in a surf if you can tell the time 

  • 500 pre programmed tides, 100m waterproof tested, versatile tide display and your regular technical features. The only thing this watch can’t do is wax your surfboard.

    This next generation of Rip Curl tide watch utilizes a simple menu-based user interface, making instruction manuals virtually unnecessary.

    Versatile Tide Display.

    Switch between Graph View or Detailed View.
    Graph View - ‘At-a-glance’ tide display is scaled for each unique location and clearly illustrates spring and neap tides. Actual tide heights are displayed 8 hours into the future and 2 hours into the past.
    Detailed View - Clearly displays current tide height and direction, including the numeric time and numeric height the of next tide.

    Module Features.

    500 Pre Programmed tide locations.
    100% Waterproof Tested.
    Quick view tide graph.
    Detailed tide view.
    Future tide.
    Alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch and light.
    Versatile tide display, Graph View or Detailed view.


    Comfortable and lightweight one-piece over molded injected polyurethane band
    Band tapered from 35mm to 25mm with secure locking keeper
    Marine grade stainless steel forged buckle


    Durable yet lightweight injected molded polycarbonate ABS case.
    41mm width.
    Screw-down stainless steel case-back.
    100m waterproof tested.