Everything you need to make life easy - wax combs, key safes, fin cases, glass and hat retainers - you name it, The Boardshop have it for you. Looking for gift for that special someone? There are great ideas here.

  • Creatures of Leisure - Leash String

  • $4.50
  • Hard plastic, sharp tooth comb for ultimate texturing. Bladed length and width for wax removal.

    Oversized 117mm x 60mm.
    String hole.
    Deep teeth.
    Good Scraping edge.
    Rail contour.

    Note: Wax combs are assorted colours only, if you want a colour please note in the comments section which one you want.

  • Sick of the old salt water mixed with rotten maccas smell in your car?


    New SJ air fresheners with help you out!


    Available in vanilla, strawberry and coconut

  • Bring the smell of Mr. Zog's Sexwax into your car, office or home with Sexwax Air Fresheners.

    Flavours: Coconut, Grape, Pineapple and Strawberry


  • $9.95
  • Say NO to neck, underarm, nipple, groin, bean and figs rash with Sticky Johnson’s No More Rash

    Simply pop off the lid and pop out the applicator with your thumb, rub onto areas where you wish to prevent rash.

    Non toxic, safe on sensitive areas.

    Another 100% New Zealand Made Sticky Johnson Product

  • Sticky JohnsonCitrus Wax Remover in pump bottle

    The best way to get wax and grime off your board.

    Natural citrus based solvent wax remover. Great for cleaning wax off boards and making them look like new!
    Also useful for removing any type of adhesive, including deck grip adhesive! Just spray on generously and allow the product to penetrate into the adhesive for at least 1 minute then remove with wax comb or paper towels.

  • Cleanse, De-Odorise, Preserve and soften your wetsuit

    Natural Surfactants for mild cleaning.

    No Harmful Chemicals.

     Sticky Johnson's Wetsuit Shampoo and Conditioner contains natural surfactants from vegetables to cleanse and de-odorize. Natural Bio Lipids from 100% natural and renewable feedstocks help soften your suit and skin.

    Free from preservatives, sulfates and ethylene oxide.

    Dirrctions: Fill a bucket or bath with luke warm water, pump 3-4 squirts of Sticky Johnson Wetsuit Shampoo and Conditioner into the water. Throw your suit inside out into the water and mix around until a thick lather is created. You can always add more if your suit is super stinky! Allow your suit to soak for atleast 10 minutes minimum. However for best results allow to soak overnight. After soaking hang your Wetty in the shade to drip dry. Sniff test your suit and enjoy the fresh wetty aroma!

  • Palmers Double P Nose Cone

  • Features:

    •    Protective sleeve for pointed tip of surfboard
    •    World class 3M adhesive backing
    •    Comes with instructions for application
    •    Available in white only

  • Get your wetsuit on easily with the Slug wetsuit foot bag

    The SLUG Wetsuit Easy On - Foot Bag is for anyone who wants to get into their full length wetsuit easier and quicker. The slippery durable construction enables your feet to slither their way through the narrowest, tightest fitting wetsuits with speed, at the same time reducing stress and rips on your wetsuit.

    There's nothing worse than sapping all your energy getting into a wet wetsuit, and wet wetsuits are notoriously difficult to get into as the wet neoprene grabs onto your skin, rather than letting it slide past.  The good thing about the Slug is that it works great on a suit whether its bone dry, not quite dried off, or completely sopping wet..... to help you get into your wetsuit fast, and into the surf quicker.

    Works with booties too! Put your booties on first, then apply the slug, then get into your wetsuit as per normal (with slug over the bootie). This technique is great if want to avoid skin contact with your foot on the freezing carpark ground, by allowing you to bootie up before getting out of the car.

    As the proud owner of a Slug you can now share it with those less fortunate in the car park of your favourite break, in exchange for wax and sunscreen of course.

    slip into it!


    • slipping your big old feet and hands through tight wetsuits has never been easier or faster!
    • awesome for anyone who struggles to get into a tight fitting wetsuit 
    • awesome for getting into a wet wetsuit or wetsuit that hasnt completely dried
    • helps prevent damage from stretching neoprene
    • eliminates kooky wetsuit battles 
    • made from slippy, durable, ripstop nylon 
    • compatible with booties  

     Dont waste time and energy.....get your slug on.


  • Sun Bum Sonny Skipper Ball

    The most fun you’ve had playing with a ball in a long time. Use in the pool or at the beach.

    Textile covered soft rubber ball by Waboba.

    approx 50mm diameter

    ages 6+

  • Damaged your wetsuit? Ocean and Earth's Ultimate Wetsuit Repair Kit will help you fix those pesky tears and damaged seams. This wetsuit repair kit comes with neoprene repair cement and applicator, iron-on neoprene patch and heat shielding paper. Get another season out of your wetsuit or just fix that leaky hole.


    Industrial strength neoprene cementrepairs tears & damaged seams.

    Strong, flexible fabric repairs larger holes,gouges & worn areas.

    • 30ml tube of Neoprene Repair Cement
    • Cement applicator brush
    • One 150mm x 125mm Iron-On Neo Patch
    • Heat Shielding Paper
    • Instructions Sheet

  • Chums Splash Bag - Large

    Consider Chums Splash Bag like your valuable insurance policy. Built with 3 double sealed Zip-lock rows and a roll top closure. Ditch the old ziploc sandwich bag and get some real security for your valuables. Comes in Small and Large size.

    • 3 double sealed Zip-lock rows

    • Roll down top

    • Two snaps make a secured seal with easy access

    • Take clear photos

    • Bring any personal essentials with you on or near the water

    • Large Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 1"
    • Large Internal Dimensions: 7.25in x 6.5in


  • Sun Bum Flyer Frisbee

    For a serious ultimate game, or just a toss, our 175 Gram Ultimate Disc Beach Flyer is guaranteed to be the best on the beach.

    'Sonny' logo 175 gram ultimate disc beach flyer.

    Ultimate Disc regulation size / 10.75 inches [27.3cm], Ultimate Disc regulation weight / 175 grams


  • Loksak Waterproof Case

    Great for: phones, keys, cash, credit cards and small kits.

    aLOKSAK bags are resealable element-proof storage bags featuring a hermetic seal. That means absolutely no water, air, dust or humidity permeates the closure. They are designed for a wide range of applications and environments. The transparent bags are flexible and puncture resistant. They come in multiple sizes and can be sealed over and over again. The unique and patented materials, closure systems and manufacturing techniques used to fabricate the aLOKSAK surpass even the most rigorous testing standards.


    • Inner Dimensions 9.84 cm x 17.18 cm

    • Comes with a lanyard

    • Certified waterproof to 60 metres by SCUBA Schools International

    • 100% protection from water, sand, humidity, and snow

    • All touch screen electronics work 100% while protected in the aLOKSAK

    • Make and receive phone calls while phone is protected in the aLOKSAK

    • Made in the USA

  • Keep your wetsuit clean! Piss Off wetsuit shampoo and conditioner is a critical tool in an effort to make all of your neoprene products last longer and remain smooth and soft. Washing and rinsing your neoprene keeps both natural and manmade elements from deteriorating the nylon and rubber, while also eliminating any nasty odors.

    1 litre

  • Patagonia Worn Wear Field Repair Kit

    With all the necessities for simple repairs, the Worn Wear™ Field Repair Kit is small enough to fit in a wallet yet capable enough to salvage that weekend trip from a singed sleeping bag or a torn jacket. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.


    • Sized Right
      Slim, credit card-sized holder tucks into a pocket or a wallet to keep repair supplies close at hand

    • Kit Contents
      Kit includes two sewing needles, polyester thread and gear tape; with room to add a few more needles, safety pins, more tape or other items, depending on what you need to keep you moving

    • DIY Wallet
      Wrap with a rubber band to create the ultimate trail wallet

    • Recycled Materials
      Built of 100% recycled polyester with a TPU coating--the same fabric used in Black Hole® bags

    • Supporting the People Who Made This Product
      Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, which means the people who made it earned a premium for their labour

    • Country Of Origin - Made in Vietnam
    • Weight - 8.5 g (0.3 oz)

    • Materials
      14-oz 900-denier 100% postconsumer recycled polyester ripstop with a TPU-film laminate
      Fabric is certified as bluesign® approved
      Fair Trade Certified™ sewn

  • Patagonia Worn Wear Patch Kit

    In the backcountry or the backyard, you can easily repair tears in tents, sleeping bags and jackets with our Worn Wear™ Patch Kit. It includes four sheets of Tenacious Tape® patches, known for their strong adhesive strength. Whimsical designs make every rip an amusing story. Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory.

    Specs & Features

    • Kit Contents
      Kit includes four 3" x 5" sheets of black Tenacious Tape® patches with varying sizes and shapes for fixing gear

    • Simple Repairs
      Simple peel-and-stick application, no sewing required; patches are washable just 24 hours after application

    • Adhesive Forms Permanent Bond
      Ultra-strong adhesive permanently bonds to outdoor fabrics and materials, including nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic

    • Supporting the People Who Made This Product
      Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, which means the people who made this product earned a premium for their labour

    • Country of Origin
      Made in Taiwan

    • Weight
      26 g

  • Sun Bum Beach Football

    Make a diving catch in the waves with a soft, safe and waterproof football. This quality neoprene ball is money and will last through the summer.

    Waterproof football suitable for all weather conditions.

    Inflatable up to 2lbs, Tacky print for improved grip, Real threading and laces

  • Chums Stingray Camera Floating Wrist Lanyard

    The Stingray Adjustable Floating Wrist Lanyard securely hangs on to you gear with Duraflex side-release buckles. The included carabiner clip gives you various attachment options. Screenprinted with reflective ink, making it easy to spot the Stingray floating in the water. The tether string attachment allows you to use the Stingray for all sorts of outdoor accessories that you don't want sinking to the bottom of the lake.

  • O&E Deluxe Fin Savers

    Save your bodyboard fins (flippers ) from falling off and protect your ankles with Ocean and Earth's Deluxe Fin Savers. Featuring padded ankle straps and double secure closure clasp, these are easy to attach & remove.

  • A must have to keep salt water and sand out of your car.

    Works as a dry bag to keep your gear in it dry. Or contain your wet gear in it  to keep everything else dry.



    • 30 Litres

    • Lightweight 120 grams

    • 210 Nylon with PU coating

    • All seams are fully sealed and waterproof

    • Roll top closure provides waterproof seal

    •D-Ring attachment point at buckle 

    •Fold into it's own small pocket when not in use


  • Rip Curl Surf Series Change Mat

    For the ultimate Searcher it's the Surf Series Change Mat, Offering a large 1.2m diameter with a clinch cord and toggle for easy closure. Keep your wetsuit pristine and lasting longer with this handy surf accessory.