No better way to protect your head from the reef than with a helmet. Gath helmets are strong, light weight and stylish. We stock only the best to protect your head. Our helmets also offer multipurpose use for Jetskis, Windsurfing and sailing.

  • Gath Surf Convertible, designed for the surf, is the lightest helmet available worldwide. Its unique fitting system provides an incredibly snug comfortable suction cap fit ideal for punching through waves.

    Gath ear protectors are easily removed to expose the ears - ideal for hot weather - or easily attached, becoming an extention of the helmet shell for added impact protection and extra warmth in cold conditions. Adjustable audio vents allow further flexibility to shut out the cold wind or open to improve hearing.


    • EN 1385 Approved
    • 270-305 grams 

    The sizing chart provided is a guide only, as head shapes vary.
    Please note that measurements should be taken around the head – mid forehead, just above the ears.

    X Small
    520 - 535 mm
    7.5 mm
    9 mm
    540 - 555 mm
    4.5 mm
    6 mm
    560 - 575 mm
    7.5 mm
    9 mm
    580 - 590 mm
    X Large
    4.5 mm
    6 mm
    595 -610 mm


  • GATH GEDI Water Sports Helmet combines higher levels of impact protection with close fitting comfort and low drag performance. The Gath Gedi is fully convertible with removable ear protectors, visors and peaks and can be customised for a perfect fit to any head shape with Gath’s unique Comfort Strip Fitting System.

    GATH GEDI is chosen for PWC (power water craft), Jet Ski, Helicopter and Land Sea Rescue and many Professional activities requiring the best equipment available. It ships with removable ear protectors, spare comfort strips, chinstrap, anti rash sleeve and storage bag.
    Reflective tape and specific industry reflective decals are available on request. Enquiries welcome for further customization to suit specific requirements.

    Fully Convertible
    The latest hydro dynamic Gath Convertibles adapt easily to give a choice of performance benefits.

    • Mini Skull Cap: slip off ear pockets, allows maximum hearing, balance, cooling, freedom of movement.
    • Full head Cover: slip on ear pockets (55 grams set), provide maximum coverage, stability, ear protection, warmth & adjustable audio vents.
    • Detachable Shatter Proof Visors: UV eye protection (Rated UPF 50+ Excellent Protection Category), glare reduction, increased facial impact protection, eye object penetration resistance.

    Technical Information
    Gath helmets are made from quality materials to strict specifications and are built to last and are backed by a 3-year warranty.
    All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh climate conditions and temperature extremes. 

    • Shell – Long lasting, UV stable, high impact resistant plastic.
    • Visors – Top quality UV stable, shatter proof plastic.
    • Peaks – UV stable, shatter proof, flexible, durable plastic. 
    • Liner – Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam.
    • Headband – 10mm thick Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam.
    • Comfort Strips – Multi impact, non-water absorbent foam.
    • Fittings – All Gath helmet custom built screws and rivets are made from strong non-corrosive, salt water resistant materials. 
    • Retention system?made using non-stretch standards approved webbing, standards approved quick release buckles for a secure retention and are fitted with a nylon coated non-water absorbent foam for added comfort.
    • EN1385 Approved
    • 360-420 Grams

  • $279.00