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  • A Collector's Set of CPL's best wave images, shot from both in the water and on the beach. A beautiful addition to any home these ready to frame photo prints exceptional New Zealand surf and beautiful light. 

    10 ready-to-frame prints. High quality art card sized at 8 x 10 inches to fit readily available pre-made frames. Print inset to allow simple pinning without damaging the print. Frame them at low cost, or don't frame at all with the option of framing later.

    $30.00 inc GST
  • The first and only complete reference guide to New Zealand's North Island coastline, published by Clean Media.

    This book is a must have for Surfers, Fishermen, Kayakers, boaties, swimmer or any one who uses beaches. With every beach that you can drive to in the North Island you will have the key to the kingdom.

    It features accurate and up to date reports on over 600 North Island beaches, including details of accommodation, services, clubs and useful websites. Maps and over five hundred photographs are blended to create a book that is equally at home on a coffee table or on the dashboard of a camper.

    243 pages of goodness!

    Clean Media is the publisher of The New Zealand Good Beach Guide and is owned and managed by its founder. Tim Rainger grew up swimming, fishing, sailing and surfing around the NZ coast. He trained as a commercial photographer and began his professional career as a freelancer working in NZ, Australia and Italy before moving to London.

    After a writing course at City Lit, a chance meeting with an English surfer led to the formation of Low Pressure Publishing in 1990. Their first title The Stormrider Guide: Europe, a complete surfing guide to the European coast, was delivered to a stunned market in June 1992. It was an immediate best seller and has sold in excess of 70,000 copies in three editions since then, establishing Low Pressure as a global leader in travel publishing. Successful Snowboard Guides to the USA and Europe were produced over ensuing years.Then in 2000, a companion surfing guide to the US was produced.

    He has contributed freelance stories and pictures to a wide range of publications including The National Business Review, Idealog, The Dominion Post, The NZ Herald, Black, Urbis, Taste and North and South magazines. He has a 17 year old son and continues to surf, fish, swim and sail on a daily basis.

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  • NZ SURF: the collection vol.I is a word heavy coffee table style book featuring over 500 photos. It is a surfing book that any Kiwi who sets foot on fibreglass will identify with and want. The surf stoked grom, the corporate cruiser, the hipster long boarder. This limited edition publication will become an instant surfer and surf collectors ‘Must have’ because of its variety, depth and coverage of our surfing lifestyle.

    Warren Hawke is The South Island’s most established and prolific Surf Photographer. This is his second full length book with Photo CPL Media.

    $59.00 inc GST
  • PHOTOCPL New Zealand Surfing Photography 1991-2008:
    From New Zealand. 150 pages, heavy gloss-art text paper, hard cover bound, large format 28x28cm. Published by Craig 'CPL' Levers senior photographer of NZ Surfing Magazine from 1993 to 2008 the book chronicles his best shots from these 2 decades.

    Location shots in the book are from the South Pacific, mostly sweeping through the magnificent beaches of New Zealand, but also include Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Rarotonga, Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Indonesia. Indepth photo captions draw readers in to experience these framed moments in a surfer's and surf photographer's life, while the layout includes all the technical data of how each shot was taken giving an unprecedented insight into the profession of surf photography-this has been of much interest to photography enthusiasts.

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  • Warren Hawke is The South Island’s most established and prolific Surf Photographer. From surfing at New Brighton beach in 1966, to shooting from the water off the back of a jet ski in 2014 - this bio tells of his coming of age, humorous stories and various experiences of shooting many different places and different surfers. A true celebration of our Kiwi Surf culture.

    Chapter One - Early Days

    Chapter Two - Banks Peninsula

    Chapter Three - Marlborough

    Chapter Four - West Coast

    Chapter Five - Otago

    Chapter Six - Catlins and Southland

    Chapter Seven - North of the Strait

    Chapter Eight - Mysto spots

    Chapter Nine - Longboard and Retro

    Chapter Ten - Allan Byrne

    $79.00 inc GST

  • THE SOUTH SEAS Revised Edition

    complete REVISED edition Has Arrived

     The most ambitious surf book to come out of New Zealand. The original lavish 208-page hard cover book pooled the best photographs from NZ’s leading surf photographers; the best of the best. A beautifully presented collection of NZ’s waves and surf from the Far North to the Deep South. The first edition sold through 2 print runs. For The Revised Edition we have added 16 more pages [it's a 224 page book now] and overhauled the complete photo edit with over 75% being updated.

    $79.00 inc GST

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