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  • Hubi's Surf Atlas - Part 1

    Welcome to pure fun — the world's first surf and adventure atlas for youth and the young at heart. Hubi’s Surf Atlas belongs in the home, hammock or happy learning zone of every ocean-loving family. Share aloha, wanderlust and relevant wisdom through a fantastically illustrated, eclectic menagerie of surf missions, infographics, wildlife, earth science concepts and geography that is crafted for and accessible to all. 


    • Explore Earth through surfing. Tow into the Portuguese “Record Breaker”, trailblaze a rainforested island in Equatorial Guinea, discover a tubing jewel in the harsh Namibian desert, leave the safety of shore far behind to ride the “Himalayas of Surfing” 100 miles out at sea...

    • Ignite curiosity through 200+ facts and infographics. How do tidal bores make it possible to surf rivers? How do surfers prepare for the planet’s biggest waves? What is a seamount? Will Skeleton Bay’s dreamy sandspit grind on forever? Can a frog weigh as much as a surfboard?

    • Immerse yourselves in story, reports and spot guides from every corner of the globe. Shiver alongside Hubi and buddy Sigurd on a Norwegian archipelago; sail to the South Shetlands with good friends Idalia and Santiago; and see how, with the help of his pal Otávio, Hubi just barely manages to rip Brazil’s rare Pororoca through the Amazon.

    • Benefit from an all-time surf and science glossary. Not clued in on surfing or new to the sciences? No worries! A seriously handy and comprehensive glossary is filled with all the surf, adventure and earth science lingo used in the book. 
    • Enjoy days and days of reading, reference and meaningful interaction with the one-kilo hardback’s 96 pages of solid surfing gold. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is designed for use and built to last. Enjoy it wherever you play, learn or nest. 
    • Relevant at any age. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is perfect for reading to and developing phonics and concepts with early readers (5-9), exploration among chapter book capable readers (7-10) and as independent reading for middle grade readers (8-12).
    Format: Hardback

    Number of pages: 96 pages

  • The Recreationalists - Intrepid Kiwi's and their campers 

    Inspiring stories of people who have self restored Vans, Campers and Motorhomes in New Zealand. Read how to "live the dream" and help take your holiday to the next level. The photography is breath taking!

    Hardback book, 

    200 pages



  • Warren Hawke is The South Island’s most established and prolific Surf Photographer. From surfing at New Brighton beach in 1966, to shooting from the water off the back of a jet ski in 2014 - this bio tells of his coming of age, humorous stories and various experiences of shooting many different places and different surfers. A true celebration of our Kiwi Surf culture.

    Chapter One - Early Days

    Chapter Two - Banks Peninsula

    Chapter Three - Marlborough

    Chapter Four - West Coast

    Chapter Five - Otago

    Chapter Six - Catlins and Southland

    Chapter Seven - North of the Strait

    Chapter Eight - Mysto spots

    Chapter Nine - Longboard and Retro

    Chapter Ten - Allan Byrne