Thunderbolt Technologies, utilizing advanced materials and technology in surfboard design that decreases weight while taking performance, flex, and control to the next level. At The Boardshop we have the following range Thunderbolt Technologies; CJ Nelson Classic, Sprout, Slasher and Gurrero. The Harley Ingleby Seriers by Billy Tolhurst including the Diamond Drive, The Cruiser and the HiHp RDS. The Skindog Blender and Wrangler. Guy Takayama Pahoa [Dagger] Performance Round Pin and the Kanaloa for "God of the Sea" Performance Single Fin.

These lightweight epoxy constructions are 100% hand layups, and begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component flex control system, for high performance flex and twist. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fiber components are arrayed in the deck and rails for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC shell provides flexible protection to increase the longevity of the boards without compromising flex and twist characteristics. With a substantial amount of carbon fiber and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, surfboards in the Harley Ingleby Series will outperform and outlast traditionally constructed polyester comp boards.

These are true high performance boards that have extra carbon fiber internal elements that make them very strong, responsive, and light weight.

  • Named "Kanaloa" for "God of the Sea" this new Performance Single Fin features a wide nose, square tail, and single FCS fin set-up. Guy designed this performance single fin to fit between a classic longboard and a 2+1 set-up. The Kanaloa provides excellent glide, smooth turns and is a great noserider. This Kanaloa Performance Single Fin model features Full XEON Fiberglass construction, with a total of 12 oz of fiberglass both deck and bottom for increased strength and excellent durability.

    Note: Longboard graphics may difffer from picture.

    9'4" x 23 3/16" x 2 3/4"
    Square Tail
    Volume: 69 Liters
    10'0" x 24" x 3"
    Volume: 82 liters
    Fin set-up: FCS single fin
    Pigmented XEON Fiberglass
    100% Hand Layup
    Epoxy resins
    EPS Core
    Advanced Materials