Wetsuit Tops

Wetsuit Tops

Whether it is an extra layer of warmth either side of summer, sun protection, or the essential layer separating man from board our gargantuan range of Men’s Wetsuit Tops have literally got you covered. The thickness of our hot tops varies from 0.5 mm right up to 2.0 mm with cuts including singlet, Short sleeve and long sleeve Wetsuit tops. Sizes range from XS right up to 3XL meaning we can cater to the ambiguity of the New Zealand Male. Our Premier Surf Brands include O'Neill, Rip Curl, Xcel, Billabong and Patagonia.

  • $79.00
  • If your steamer's to cold add an Xcel Ploypro top for extra warmth. Works as a rash/ UV top in summer by itself. Features finger loops to make putting a wetsuit over top easy and a board short loop to stop it riding up.

    Colour and graphic may vary


  • The Dawn Patrol jacket offers performance and durability at a great value. This jacket features a E4 and Ultralite neoprene combination with a side zip for easy entry and exit.

    • 1.5mm thickness
    • E4, ultralite neoprene
    • Side zip entry
    • Board short loop holder

  • XCEL Polypro Hooded Vest Extra Large

    Keeps you head and body warm. Designed to be warn under a wetsuit. The Polyro vest will add extra warmth. Hood has a flap to seal over wetsuit collar to stop water flush.

    Excellent UV Protection rating; stretch Polypro Lycra vest with 2mm Texture Titanium GlideSkin hood.

    Construction: Flatlock Seams



  • Ultralite 1.5mm neoprene with lower back entry zip and boardshort loop holder.

  • Billabong Absolute Poly Lite Wetsuit Jacket


    Engineered with modern day technology, the Absolute Poly Lite jacket uses premium Super flex neoprene in the body and Lycra sleeves for maximum movement. This jacket also has flat lock comfortable stitching as well as a short back zip for easy quick changes from out of the water to out on the streets.


    • Men's surf jacket

    • Absolute Poly Lite jacket

    • Premium Superflex neoprene

    • Lycra sleeves

    • Flat lock comfortable stitching

    • Short back zip

  • The Ripcurl Omega Short Sleeve Jacket is the perfect jacket for the surfer looking for an inexpensive wetsuit jacket without comprimising durability or flexibility. Back Zip allows easy entry/exit.

    New E-Stitch technology - 50% more stretch than flatlock, 30% stronger than flatlock,  for a  new level of stretch, strength and comfort.

    1.5mm E 4 Neoprene

    • Freeflex Stretch Arm Panels
    • Ultralite Neoprene
    • Boardshort Loop Holder
    • Hydro-Lock Collar
    • Lower Back Zip Entry
    • Pull Cord Waist and Lock
    • Mesh Skin Panels

  • Billabong Absolute Wetsuit Vest 2mm

    Engineered quality, the Absolute 2mm Wetsuit Vest is made to maximize performance and core heat. The sleeveless men’s wetsuit top is made from premium Recycled Superflex neoprene, a lightweight foam made partially from recycled car tires and neoprene scraps. Additional performance comes with strategically placed seams, high-end materials, and advanced construction techniques. Details include comfortable and durable flatlock seams and a short back zip for easy on/off.


    • Men’s Sleeveless Wetsuit Top- with back zip

    Materials :

    • Exterior Fabric recycled Superflex.
    • Neoprene type: Superlight foam made from partially recycled fibers.
    • Interior Fabric: Silicon stretch.

  • Billabong 202 Absolute Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket

    Engineered quality, the Absolute Short Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket is made to maximize performance. The short sleeve surf jacket is made from premium AX2 superflex neoprene, buiLT with strategically placed seams, high end materials, and advanced construction techniques. The Absolute series is designed for fit and function with premium performance.


    • Men’s 2mm short sleeve wetsuit jacket

    • Premium Superflex neoprene

    • Comfortable flatlock stitching

    • Short back zip for easy on/off

  • XCEL Insulate-X Hooded Vest

    Extra warmth for your head and core for under your wettie



  • From the Ultimate range of wetsuits

    For the Surfer who wants the best wetsuit possible. No compromises. Constructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology.

    Two engineered layers that funnel water radiply out of the suit making it the warmest and most comfortable lining available.

    100% E4 FLASH LINING


    ripcurl mens sizeguide-3.jpg

  • Lightweight neoprene top with a 1mm body and upper sleeves and 0.5mm lower sleeves.


  • $139.00
  • The Flashbomb long sleeve vest is loaded with all the features you want in a high-performance vest. Featuring 0.5mm E5 Neoprene and Flash lining.

    0.5mm E5 neoprene flash lining chest and back panel.
    Polypropylene arm panels.
    Board short loop holder.

  • New Heritage stretch. Premium soft neoprene. GBS glued and blind stitched seams. Reversible. Part of the Billabong Garage Collection

    100% NEOPRENE


  • Dawn Patrol Reversible 1.5mm Long Sleeve Jacket


    The Dawn Patrol Reversible 1.5mm Long Sleeve Jacket is a great men's wetsuit jacket designed to keep the core and upper body warm in cooler waters.



    • E-Stitch high stretch seams
    • E5 neoprene
    • Board short loop holder
    • Reversible
    • New contoured collar

  • Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Jacket 1.5mm- Slate

    This season's Dawn Patrol 1.5mm Reversible Eco Wetsuit Jacket was made with sustainability in mind. This jacket has an easy pullover entry and made with a 1.5mm thickness to keep you warm from any wind chill. Constructed with eco-friendly materials and made to be reversible, this wetsuit jacket the perfect, light cover for summer.

    • 1.5 mm
    • E-stitch high stretch seams
    • E5 neoprene
    • Boardshort loop holder
    • Reversible
    • New contoured collar

  • Features:

    • 1mm XERO Foam Premium superflex Neoprene
    • B-Lock superflex stitch
    • Contour collar
    • Connector

  • The Axis Smoothskin 2/1mm jacket from Xcel Wetsuits features a short zipper at the lower hip to make entry and exit easier, along with a SmoothSkin waist seal and built-in elastic cord to prevent flushing. This jacket is an affordable option for surfers who want a step up from a rashguard without blowing their paycheck.


  • Features:

    • Celliant Smart Fiber 4-way Stretch Fabric under sleeves, with mineral enhanced Smart Fibers that convert body heat into infrared energy for better circulation, temperature regulation, and enhanced overall athletic performance.
    • 1mm UltraStretch neoprene front and back body and o.5mm upper sleeves.
    • Durable, comfortable flatlock seam construction.
    • Adjustable waist with a smoothskin seal, Loop It or Lose It! tie loop, and elastic cord/cinch.


  • This L/s xcelerator features a 1mm super stretch neoprene back for ease on and off, 1mm ultra stretch neoprene upper sleves and Xcel's UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor).

    *Colors may vary

  • Pro Series 1mm Airlite Stretch Long Sleeve Jacket with B-Lock Super Flex Stitch, Featuring X Flex Strategic Flex Paneling, Boardshort fastener and premium 3d shaping for the perfect fitting performance Neo jacket.

    • Fabric: 90% NEOPRENE 10% NYLON.

  • The Superfreak 1mm long sleeve wetsuit top is great for those summer surf sessions. The Superfreak will protect you from the cold water, wind and provide UV protection which will enable you to last longer and enjoy every minute in the surf.  First In, Last Out, More Fun.


    UltraFlex DS Neoprene
    Boardshort Connector

  • Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Front Zip Jacket 1.5mm

    The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 1.5mm Long Sleeve Front Zip Jacket is a great wetsuit jacket for men, designed with our high quality neoprene and fitted with a front zip for easy on-off. A new level of stretch, strength and comfort. Glued and blindstitched hydro-lock collar. ahigh perfomance, durable material, great value. Classic black

     E-Stitch high stretch seams - 50% more stretch than flatlock, and 30% stronger.
    • E5 mesh smooth body and top arms
    • Durable front zip
    • Scoop back hem.


  • Xcel Phoenix 1mm Long Sleeve Top 

    Since 1982 Xcel have been developing wetsuits for all conditions, taking pride in having the highest quality construction and fit.

    The Phoenix 1 mm pullover top made of their latest Channel Flex allows weightless unrestricted movement. Lightweight hydrophobic gridded material breaks up tension by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing a surfer to have a complete free range of motion.


    • Xcel’s exclusive “Channel Flex” providing weightless unrestrictive movement

    • Plush “Thermo Lite Infrared” interior, Quick dry

    • Pullover top with an adjustable self-cinching loop or lose it design

    • Comfortable and Durable Flatlock Lock construction

    • Eco-Friendly Limestone neoprene with Aqua glue soolvent free process

    • Engineered Fit