Surf Accessories

Surf Accessories

Auckland’s most extensive range of surf and beach accessories. We have the best range beach towels, jandals, poncho towels, sunscreen and surf hats to help make your day at the beach the best day ever. To pimp your surfboard we have tail pads, surf wax, front deck grip and paint pens. Sometimes even the best days can go wrong, damaging your prized surfboard, sup or body board may seem like the end of the world, but don’t stress it we have fiberglass repair kits, fiberglass, polyester and epoxy resin to fix your board in quick time. We will even give you a bit of free advice on how to best fix it if needed.

We can even help you get your board to the beach with our range soft racks but if you love your car and are surfing on a regularly we suggest you check out The Roof Rack Shop.

While we would all like to be on the water 24/7, for most of us this is not the reality we live in so you are probably going to need somewhere to put your board to bed. Check out our range of surfboard storage racks to store your boards safely when you get home. We also have storage racks for sup, bikes, fishing rods, snowboards, skis, wakeboards, skateboard and kayaks to get your toy shed shipshape.

When you can’t get out on the water our surf books will keep you stoked and help you plan your next surf adventure.

If you are looking for a gift for a surfer, who are always notoriously hard to shop for, we will have something for you to make your gifting easy and give you some street credit, no one wants socks! Surf watches, wallets, surf books, surf hat, surfboard wax, surfboard repair products, deck grip, car accessories, surfboard leashes, Gath surf helmets, paint pens, sunscreen, beach towels and if you just can’t decide you can always get a gift voucher.