Our extensive range of Women’s wetsuits in unrivalled in the country. We can keep you covered from head to toe, or if you would prefer we can set you up to cover the bare minimum with the likes of the Billabong Surf Capsules and the Rip Curl Bombshell series. For summer our ladies range includes individual Pants and Shorts for our lady SUP ’rs, Long Janes for Surf and SUP, and Spring suits for all water sports. For the individual conscious of the damaging New Zealand sun we have a large range of UV Tees both short and long. For winter we have 3/2 Steamers and 4/3 Steamers ranging from price point to the warmest suits available. Complete with hoods and booties we can provide the appropriate neoprene for whatever you need across New Zealand. Our premium Brands include Rip Curl, Xcel, Billabong, Patagonia and Peak with each brand having a different cut for differing body shapes. As a retailer we have no idea what ladies like so we order all colours and patterns available almost guarantying we have the right suit for you.

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