Fixed paddles are designed to be cut down for optimal use for a seasoned individual whether it is in the surf or as you attempt to paddle from Auckland to Chile. We have some of the best SUP paddle constructions available.

  • Trident 669 Carbon Fixed Paddle

    The Trident T669c stand up paddleboard (SUP) paddle delivers maximum power output and control for strong SUP paddlers. This versatile, ultra lightweight SUP paddle has a large blade and can be used in flat water, the surf and open ocean conditions.

    The oval shaped carbon shaft is stiff which delivers an immediate transfer of energy from the paddler through to the blade face.

    The carbon handle has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, and also features a moulded neck section that fits over the shaft once it has been cut to size.

    Our new blade design, constructed from lightweight pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy materials, has a curved teardrop outline and features three distinct characteristics that create a smooth, efficient stroke.

    $415.00 inc GST
  • Laird Paddle Composite

    We??ve partnered with a global leader in carbon composite technology to develop our new high-performance monocoque paddles. Simply put, these lightweight, precision-crafted paddles are the most balanced paddles you will ever put in your hands.

    Monocoque Construction
    One-piece ??monocoque?? construction transfers energy more efficiently than standard, two-piece paddles.

    Ergo Grip
    Comfortable grip creates less fatigue, allowing you to go harder and further.

    Teardrop-shaped paddle
    Designed for the cleanest possible entry and release, whether surfing, racing, charging through the roughest waters, or slicing through glass.

    Carbon-Forged Blade
    Finely honed, impact-resistant blade cuts through water like a knife.

    $450.00 inc GST
  • The Ocean and Earth Carbon Paddle (non-adjustable).

    Shaft: Carbon
    Blade: Carbon
    Handle Grip: Carbon
    Weight: 715 grams
    Total Length: 218 cm
    Paddle Area: 630 cm2
    Blade length: 460 mm
    Blade width: 205 mm

    $499.00 inc GST
  • The Nautical is our pre-mier flat water paddle designed to pull a maximum amount of water with every stroke. Whether connecting swells on a downwind run or battling it out in a flat water sprint, the Nautical is the pad-dle you want for optimum glide.

    The Nautical blade also features an ABS sidewall for maximum impact resistance.

    Construction: 100% Carbon

    Blade Width: 9"

    Available Length: 91" can be cut to size

    WAS: $799.00 inc GST
    $149.00 inc GST

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