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  • Versatile, high performance LB fin for all conditions. Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board.


    Neutral, well balanced template.
    Versatile, high performance Longboard (LB) fin for all conditions.  
    Offers a combination of drive, speed and response for modern longboarding.
    Turn and Connect: Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board.
    2 + 1 Compatible.

    The FCS II Tool-less Longboard System

    No need for a plate and screw.
    Ability to adjust your fin position in the box mid surf.
    Easily insert or remove your fin in seconds. No fin key required.
    Designed to be used in most existing Longboard boxes. No new box required.

    Fin Material

    GLASS FLEX - Injection moulding process ensures geometric accuracy and provides a reliable and consistent feel. These fins are ideal for novice surfers because the relaxed (subtle) flex of these fins can be engaged with minimal effort, and as the flex returns to a neutral position the fin produces a whip-like effect that propels the board forward, and helps to maintain speed and acceleration.

    Fin Specifications

    Name              Base                     Depth                    Area                           Sweep     Foil         
    Connect 6"4.27" / 108mm 6.00" / 152mm17.65" / 11390mm²33.7º50/50
    Connect 7"4.99" / 126mm 7.01" / 178mm 24.05" / 15518mm²33.7º50/50
    Connect 8"5.64" / 143mm 7.96" / 202mm30.71" / 19812mm²33.7º50/50
    Connect 9"6.43" / 163mm9.03" / 229mm39.91" / 25748mm²33.7º50/50
    Connect 10"7.13" / 181mm 10.01" / 254mm49.06" / 31653mm²33.7º50/50

  • Hydro's patented V Rail Design creates more surface area to increase kick thrust. The fins symmetrical design eradicates leg twist motion allowing longer surfs and less strain/injury to the user.

    Combine all this with its comfortable foot pocket, and it's no wonder waterman all over the world have been choosing to use the Hydro Original Fin for decades.


    Super soft silicone for unsurpassed comfort.

    V Rail Design for maximum speed and traction.

    Ergonomic foot cavity for ultimate fit.

    Non-slip tread.

    Central vortex drainage for sand and water.

    Perfect for bodyboarding and surf swimming.

    X Small: 4 – 5 US
    Small: 6 – 7 US
    Medium: 8 – 9 US
    Medium/Large: 9 – 10 US
    Large: 10 – 11 US
    X Large: 12 – 13 US