Storage Racks

Storage Racks
  • Curve Rack Naked Single Sup

    The Minimalist 'Naked' SUP Rack is the ultimate rack for your Stand Up Paddle Board. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a minimalist approach, disappearing into the background and letting your SUP take the spotlight. Display and show off your SUP, not the rack!  If you're looking for a lightweight, affordable, and non-intrusive way to show off your favourite paddleboard, then the Minimalist SUP Rack is an excellent option. 

    The Minimalist SUP rack arms are made from a single piece of aluminum that have been custom cut and bent. Each rack arm has two pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount two screws in a single stud. The combination of all-aluminum construction with the 2-screw mounting pattern makes the Minimalist SUP rack incredibly sturdy for its size and appropriate for a majority of SUPs on the market.  The rack arms have been "pre-bent" slightly above horizontal so when a heavy SUP is loaded the arms do not sink below parallel with the floor, a very secure design. Lining the inside of each rack arm is a thick piece of felt padding. This provides a soft place to rest your paddleboard and prevents any long term pressure point distortions.  

    The Minimalist SUP rack is offered in a sleek matte black powder coat finish that looks great and is very heavy duty. Even though the rack is mostly hidden when displaying your paddleboard, we have still gone the extra mile to ensure that what little does looks awesome.


    • Minimalist design shows off SUP and not rack
    • 100% aluminum - sturdy and never rusts!
    • Soft felt padded interior to protect your SUP's rails
    • Space to store your paddle
    • Easy installation - mounting screws included
    • Supports boards up to 50lb [22.5kg]


    Recommended Paddleboard Sizing

    SUPs come in many shapes and sizes so it is a challenge to have one rack that fits every SUP. Here are ideas of the sizes that the Minimalist SUP Rack can hold:

    • Weight: Boards up to 50lbs [22.5kg]
    • Width: Boards up to 36 inches wide 
    • Thickness: Boards up to 6 inches thick
    • Length: Any (the rack arms are independent and can be mounted as far or as close together as needed to accommodate your SUP)

    The Minimalist SUP works well with most inflatable SUPs.  We know it can be a hassle to constantly inflate and deflate them.  

    The Minimalist SUP is NOT meant for touring boards, they have too wide of a hull and the geometry to lean the board back against the wall does not work.  

    The Minimalist SUP rack was a long time in development due to the size and weight of paddleboards. It is one thing to make a rack to hold a skateboard or short surfboard on the wall........but it is something entirely different to securely hold a 50lb SUP that is 12ft long! So a new strengthening rib was added to provide extra rigidity and strength.... while keeping the rack as low profile as possible.

  • SUP Wall Rack Double Aluminium by Curve

    NZ Double SUP Racks 2 Stand Up Paddle Board Wall Racks (pair)

    Precision engineered made from rust-proof aluminium, this pair of Curve triple SUP racks for 3 Stand up Paddle Boards are made from heavy duty aluminium tubing that is both super strong and super resistant to rust.

    Store and protect your boards there is nothing worse than damaging boards while being stored in the garage where boards lying on the ground can be tripped over, or boards standing up against the wall can be knocked over. A garage ding is completely necessary!

    Get organised organise your stand up paddle boards and easily find the board you want with these quality Curve racks - finding the right board to match conditions has never been easier!

    Super durable and super strong these racks will take a board that weighs 15kg no problem.

    Protective Arms are surrounded in high density EVA cushioning foam to provide soft & secure storage for up to 2 SUP boards for years to come. You know you are giving your quiver the best protection - while also looking pretty damn fine!

    Removable Arms this rack is designed for tight home storage spaces, and is equipped with removable arms. If you're not using the rack, you can pop the arms off with a simple push pin in seconds, saving you precious storage space.

    Easy Installation ready to install right out of the box this rack is super easy to install and includes all mounting hardware for easy installation. Rack arms insert with a simple push pin, so assembly is a piece of cake.

    Capacity easily supports 2 standup paddle boards up to 15kg each with fins left on (plenty of space between levels)



    • super resistant to rust and corrosion
    • super strong & durable aluminium construction
    • sleek sliver finish
    • protective EVA foam padding for board protection
    • easy installation - arms insert with a simple push pin
    • set includes pair of two racks plus installation screws
    • stores 2 Stand Up Paddle Boards
    • arm length 59cm, space between arms 20cm
    • Curve 12 month guarantee