Steamer 5/3

Steamer 5/3
  • The Dawn Patrol Chest zip offers performance and durability at a great value. We use E5 neoprene in action panels, and the new Thermoflex neoprene in the body except around the kidneys, where flash lining and mesh protect from the wind.


    E5 Neoprene
    Rip curl's premium high stretch neoprene. Super stretch and lightweight with a high quality hand feel that is smooth and comfortable against the skin.

    Glued & Blind Stitched Seams.
    Triple glued, double stitched seam that only penetrates one side of the material providing a high stretch, high strength, water sealed seam.

    Flash Lining
    Two engineered layers that funnel water rapidly out of the suit once it is hung up. Also one of the warmest and most comfortable linings available.

    Stitchless Underarms
    Seamless and stitchless underarm and shoulder panels maximise movement and provide ultimate flexibility.

    Mesh Skin
    Smooth mesh panels that absorb solar heat and reduce wind chill.

    Batwing System
    Provides barrier between back-zip and body to minimize leakage and flushing (back zip wetsuits only).

    3/4 E5 Taped
    For increased strength and durability.

    S-flex Knee
    Highly flexible kneepads allowing maximum movement and lasting durability.

  • $379.00
  • The Flashbomb Chest Zip wetsuit is loaded with all the features you want in a high performance wetsuit. This suit has the new E5 Flash lining which provides 25% more stretch and is lower profile and lighter than its predecessor.

    Mesh Skin Panels - Absorbs solar heat and reduces wind chill.

    E5 Flash Lining - Two engineered layers that provide optimal the warmest and most comfortable linings available and also funnel water rapidly out of the suit upon hanging up for a prompt drying time.

    E5 Flash Lining Tape - applied over seams to ensure sealed in warmth and a smooth feel with zero abrasive sections.