• Sick of the old salt water mixed with rotten maccas smell in your car?

    New SJ air fresheners with help you out!

    Available in vanilla, strawberry and coconut

    From $6.00 inc GST
  • The best way to get wax and grime off your board.

    $12.00 inc GST
  • Get your wetsuit on easy with the slug wetsuit foot bag for faster wetsuit entry


    • slipping your big old feet and hands through tight wetsuits has never been easier or faster!
    • awesome for anyone who struggles to get into a tight fitting wetsuit 
    • awesome for getting into a wet wetsuit or wetsuit that hasnt completely dried
    • helps prevent damage from stretching neoprene
    • eliminates kooky wetsuit battles 
    • made from slippy, durable, ripstop nylon 
    • compatible with booties  
    $22.00 inc GST
    Industrial strength neoprene cementrepairs tears & damaged seams.

    Strong, flexible fabric repairs larger holes,gouges & worn areas.

    • 30ml tube of Neoprene Repair Cement
    • Cement applicator brush
    • One 150mm x 125mm Iron-On Neo Patch
    • Heat Shielding Paper
    • Instructions Sheet

    $24.00 inc GST
  • Loksak Waterproof Case

    aLOKSAK? bags are resealable element-proof storage bags featuring a hermetic seal. That means absolutely no water, air, dust or humidity permeates the closure. They are designed for a wide range of applications and environments. The transparent bags are flexible and puncture resistant. They come in multiple sizes and can be sealed over and over again. The unique and patented materials, closure systems and manufacturing techniques used to fabricate the aLOKSAK surpass even the most rigorous testing standards.

    $25.00 inc GST
  • Protect, store and transport your ?fin collection


    • Durable and lightweight 2mm ripstop polyurethane coated nylon construction
    • 3 individual fin pouches
    • Can be used to store fin keys and spare screws etc
    • (fins shown in image not included)
    $45.00 inc GST
  • A must have to keep salt water and sand out of your car.

    Works as a dry bag to keep your gear in it dry. Or contain your wet gear in it  to keep everything else dry.


    • 30 Litres
    • Lightweight 120 grams
    • 210 Nylon with PU coating
    • All seams are fully sealed and waterproof
    • Roll top closure provides waterproof seal
    •D-Ring attachment point at buckle 
    •Fold in to it own small pocket when not in use


    $49.00 inc GST
  • Curve Keypod 5g

    The keypod surf lock box secures keys to car while you surf!

    - this handy keysafe attaches to all vehicle types
    - fits all vehicle keys and immobilisers
    - great for non waterproof electronic keys, immobilisers and alarm tags
    - large capacity
    - weather resistant
    - sleek matt black finish
    - 10mm thick steel padlock shackle
    - super tough 3mm thick corrosion resistant alloy body
    - full width steel pin engineered into the hinge for additional strength
    - back of case protected by 3mm foam pad
    - integrated shackle combination reset mechanism
    - latest 5th Generation 5G version

    Lets face it, putting your keys on top of the tyre just isn't worth the risk these days. The reality is that thieves see surfers as easy targets and returning to find your car gone with only your wet wetsuit and surfboard to save you, or finding your new car stereo and wallet gone, is an all too common occurrence.

    The keypod is a 4 digit personal combination padlock, or key safe, with integrated alloy storage cavity for your keys. A robust, secure and portable solution it will safely store your keys, immobilizer, credit cards, cash and other small items while you are away from your vehicle. The keypod itself is a full solid alloy construction including 8mm coated steel padlock shackle.

    Usage is easy and can attach to any vehicle via suspension coil, axle towing eye - in fact anywhere there is solid anchor point of which there are numerous on any given vehicle. With keypod you can enjoy your surf without having to worry about who's lurking in the car park!

    $60.00 inc GST
  • With the FK Key Safe there's no more lost keys in the surf or at the beach. Simply pack it, lock it and go surfing. Now better than ever with the NEW Rubberised Weather Shield - keep sand, dust and grime out and ensure the life and function of your keysafe.

    • Massive Key storage area
    • Twin Locking Mechanism
    • Hardened Metal Rubberised Case
    • Rubberised Weather Shield
    • Foam backed to protect car
    • 10,000 code combinations
    • Comes with foil bags for use with keyless entry vehicles

    Total interior space = L70mm x W75mm x H35mm (+ further L50mm x H15mm)

    $60.00 inc GST
  • JUNIOR, earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they are able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.

    Suitable for most children age 4-12.

    With ear sizes varying from child to child, the suggested age range should be used as guide, but it isn’t an exact science. If you’re uncertain about which size to choose for your child, you can try to measure the opening of the ear canal which should be 6-10 mm (0.24-0.4 inches).


    JUNIOR allows your child to hear and communicate freely while having a more relaxed and joyful time in the water.

    Whether parent or swim coach. you’ll quickly learn to appreciate these benefits too.


    Keeps your child’s ears protected from cold or contaminated water, debris and bacteria. Helps prevent common ear problems like ear inflammation, surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear by reducing contact with water.


    Equipped with a safety cord, JUNIOR ear plugs are securely attached to one another and can easily be attached to your wetsuit, swim goggles, rash guard or worn as a necklace. No more lost plugs.


    Made from soft, skin safe silicone, JUNIOR ear plugs are so comfortable that you’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them.

    $64.00 inc GST
  • Protect, store and transport your full shortboard fin quiver.

    The FCS Deluxe Fin Wallet keeps your fins safe and secure. Ideal for the car, garage, or as a great travel companion for the surfer reluctant to leave anything behind.

    Features Include:

    • Durable and lightweight 2mm ripstop polyurethane coated nylon construction
    • 6 individual fin pouches
    • Small organiser pockets for keys and spare screws
    • (fins shown in image not included)
    $75.00 inc GST

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