Born on the river. Made in the USA. Homegrown in Hurricane, Utah,  Chums has a long and storied history on the water. In 1983 Chums inventor Mike Taggett was tired of watching his customers lose their sunglasses to the bottom of the Colorado River. This is where the idea for the Original Cotton Chums was born. Living in the back of a VW van with a $60 sewing machine Taggett started producing the first round of Chums. Grab a retainer for you favourite glasses, keys or hat, a wallet or phone float.

  • Chums Cap Retainer

    Save that most prized possession! Our Cap Retainer securely holds your hat to your jacket, shirt or pack. Lightweight with tough bulldog clips, no wind is too strong for this puppy.


    • Lightweight braided cord, tough bulldog clips hold fast

    • Securely holds your cap to jacket, shirt, pack, etc.

    • Available in black with rubber adjuster

    • Total length: 22 cm

    Assorted colours - Olive Green, Gey/Black, Navy, Red, Blue

    If you have a colour preference let us know, or we will send  random colour

  • Chums Floating Neo Keychain

    Attach your keys to the Floating Neo Keychain and never worry about losing them to the murky depths again. Quick-drying, foam-filled neoprene keeps keys weighing up to 40g (1.4oz) afloat, and a variety of bright colors and prints not only add style points, but also make your keys easy to spot in the water.

    • Stylish closed cell foam filled neoprene flotation device for your keys

    • Floats keys for boats, PWCs and other water craft

    • Visible with silver split ring

    • Floats 3 keys, 1.4 oz (40g)

    • Test floatation in shallow water before heading offshore

  • Chums Original Retainer Large

    The easily adjustable Chums Original retainer is the product that put us on the map. Millions agree: it is ideal for all forms of action, be it on water, land, snow, or in the air. The original cotton eyeglass retainer has it all: quality, comfort, and the ability to fit most standard frames.


    • Fits standard-sized frames
    • Bead adjusts for superb fit
    • Hand wash with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Stretch to original length.
    • Made in the USA
    • Length: 36.8 cm
    • Weight without packaging: 0.4 oz.

  • The Chums Slip Fit rope retainer slides over your eyewear frames to provide a forward-mounted style. The nylon rope construction provides unique strength and durability, while adjustable bead allows you to easily find the perfect spot for your shades. Fits small to medium frames.

    • Streamlined forward-mount ends

    • Fits small to medium frames.

    • Fully adjustable with bead

    • Durable nylon perlon cord construction

    • Made in the USA

    • Length: 35cm

  • Chums Upcycled Glasses Retainer

    This stylish eyewear retainer is constructed from a high-performance blend of 52% upcycled cotton and 48% post-consumer recycled PET bottles.

    Made in Hurricane, Utah, USA. 


    • Fits standard-sized frames

    • Bead adjusts for superb fit

    • Hand wash with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Stretch to original length.

    • Made in the USA

    • Length: 36.8 cm

  • Chums Fish Tip 3mm Single

    This is the eyewear retainer for the angler in all of us: The Fish Tip eyewear retainer has a molded fish-shaped tip that swallows your frames for a secure, low-profile fit. Incredible detail, durable perlon 3mm rope with an adjustable slider and legendary Chums quality!


    • Custom molded fish tip grip holds eyewear tightly
    • Patent pending detailed fish design
    • Durable braided 3mm nylon rope
    • Made in the USA
    • Length: 31 cm
    • Weight without packaging: 0.3 oz.

  • Chums Orbiter Glasses Float

    Designed off of the success of our best selling Orbiter, the Orbiter Float is lightweight and durable. Made from stainless steel the Orbiter Float won’t get sweaty, stinky, or dirty.

    The foam float comes in easy-to-spot colors and keeps frames weighing up to 45 grams afloat at the surface for quick recovery from the water. Featuring low-profile temples that fit most sunglasses.

    • Ultra-lightweight stainless steel

    • Low-profile float that is soft against your neck

    • Removable float if preferred
    • Floats frames up to 45 grams

  • Chums Switchback Silicone Glasses Retainer 

    The new Switchback Silicone Eyewear Retainer is a one-piece molded retainer. The temple ends can accommodate a wide variety of eyewear via its two-port design: one port for larger frames and one port for smaller and wire frames. 

    • Non-absorbent and stretchy

    • Top port fits wire frames

    • Bottom port fits standard and large frames

    • UV and corrosion resistant

    • Multiple attachment options both right side up and upside down

    • Length: 44 cm

  • Chums Glassfloat Classic Glasses Retainer

    Since being introduced in the early 90’s the Glassfloat Classic has been a fan favorite and a best seller. The Glassfloat Classic fits most frames and will float up to 45g (most sunglasses fall under this mark). Comfortable, durable and quick-drying the Glassfloat Classic does everything you want it to.

    Foam-filled soft woven polyester

    Adjustable slider for snug fit

    Fits over most frame styles

    Standard flotation - Floats frames up to 45 g

    Length: 36cm approx


  • Chums Dual Float Key Chain

    Never worry about getting stranded in the middle of a lake again!

    Next time your dad jumps off the boat with his keys in his pocket they’ll be secured with this floating carabiner.

    • Dual carabiners - Clip one side to your belt loop and one side to your keys, in the off chance it comes loose you’ll be able to spot it in the water.
    • Keeps up to 50g  afloat at the surface. 

  • Chums Baja Urban Glasses Retainer

    Meet the newest Chums Urban retainer - the Baja Urban! With inspiration from Mexico and Central America, this colorful retainer will bring some beach into your life every day. Combined with an Urban End, this retainer fits most sunglasses.
    • Featuring Chums Urban End - grips even the tiniest frames and fits onto larger frames

    • Comfortable polyester woven cord

    • Keeps your eyewear secure

  • Chums Surfshorts Wallet

    Our fan favorite! This durable 114mm  x 76 mm wallet allows you to carry everything you need while staying small and compact. The perfect wallet for globetrotters, hippies and drifters alike.

    The perfect adventure wallet

    Made from lightweight, durable ripstop material

    Two zippered pockets

    ID window - for your Drivers Licence

    Key ring attachment

    Includes RFID-blocking card

    Dimensions: 114mm  x 76 mm 

  • Chums Splash Bag - Large

    Consider Chums Splash Bag like your valuable insurance policy. Built with 3 double sealed Zip-lock rows and a roll top closure. Ditch the old ziploc sandwich bag and get some real security for your valuables. Comes in Small and Large size.

    • 3 double sealed Zip-lock rows

    • Roll down top

    • Two snaps make a secured seal with easy access

    • Take clear photos

    • Bring any personal essentials with you on or near the water

    • Large Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 1"
    • Large Internal Dimensions: 7.25in x 6.5in


  • Chums Bandit Wallet - Orange/Tan/Navy

    The Bandit Bi-Fold is a minimalist bi-fold-style wallet that punches way above its weight class. With four card slots, a clear ID window, and external elastic for stashing folded cash, the Bandit Bi-Fold carries the essentials in a slim, low-profile package that's equally at home in your front or back pocket. Seal the deal with a secure magnetic closure and you'll be wondering how you lived with that George Costanza wallet in your jeans for so long.

    • Minimalist bi-fold design

    • 4 credit card slots

    • Clear ID window

    • External elastic for stashing cash

    • Secure magnetic closure
    • 100mm x 65mm

  • Chums Stingray Camera Floating Wrist Lanyard

    The Stingray Adjustable Floating Wrist Lanyard securely hangs on to you gear with Duraflex side-release buckles. The included carabiner clip gives you various attachment options. Screenprinted with reflective ink, making it easy to spot the Stingray floating in the water. The tether string attachment allows you to use the Stingray for all sorts of outdoor accessories that you don't want sinking to the bottom of the lake.

  • Chums Reversi Wallet

    In case the name doesn't make it clear, the Reversi-Wallet is... wait for it... REVERSIBLE. The zippered, dual-sided design is the ultimate in wallet versatility, with elastic straps for stashing cash, four card slots, and a clear ID window. Inside out? Outside in? There's no wrong way to do it with the Reversi-Wallet.

    • 2 stylish colou designs in one

    • Made from durable ripstop nylon with dual-stitched elastic

    • 4 card slots + clear ID window

    • 2 elastic bands for stashing folded cash

    • 130mm x 70mm approx

  • Chums Phone Float

    We get it, we get it. No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you don’t have to. Chums Floating Phone Protector lets you take your phone with you wherever you go, from a multi-day rafting trip to scrolling through Instagram in the shower. Designed with HF welded seams, a watertight seal and floating capabilities the Floating Phone Protector does exactly that; protects and floats your phone.



    • Floating dry bag

    • Watertight seal & HF welded seams

    • Lock tight waterproof closure

    • Removable lanyard

    • Touch screen functionality

    • Fits most phones

    • Watertight seal & HF welded seams

    • Internal Dimensions: 177mm x 120mm approx

  • Chums Floating Key Protector Pouch 

    Know that horrible feeling in your gut, the one you feel as you watch your keys or wallet slowly sinking to the bottom of a lake? The Floating Key Protector + is here to make sure you never feel like that again. This floating pouch can hold your keys, credit cards and money. Built to keep the water out, keep your keys dry and keep them safely floating on top of the water. Storm proof floating pouch for key fob, credit cards or money.

    • HF Welded seams to keep water out

    • Zip closure for water tight seal

    • Lightweight design with clear molded window

    • Can be worn in pocket or clipped onto a carabiner

    • Adjustable and removable lanyard